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Hey lovelies!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Sophie and I am a beauty-crazed, make-up addicted teenager. I am 15 years old so still at school. I started blogging not very long ago and am loving it so far!  I thought to help you get to know me a bit I will answer a few questions about myself :)

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

I had been watching many gurus on youtube for  long time and decided I wanted to share my love of beauty with others. I though that blogging was a great way to start.

2. What do you hope to gain by blogging?

I hope to gain knowledge from other bloggers and to hopefully get approached by companies etc. I also hope to gain another hobby!

3. What sort of a person are you?

I am a very outgoing person. I love making new friends and am not shy in the least. (Well, maybe the odd occasion when I meet new people.) I am kind of crazy and sometimes can be a bit over the top. I am a very social person and consider myself trustworthy. I love giving advice as well :)

4. Do you have any hobbies?

Yes! I love music. I play the violin, ukulele and I sing. Music takes up most of my life. I also love art and spend a lot of my time drawing. Oh, and my new found hobby blogging!

5. Do you have any pets?

I have a beautiful cavalier king charles spaniel called Honey. She is gorgeous, and my life :) I also have a fish pond full of about 20 gold fish.

6. Have you every travelled overseas? 

Yes many times! I was born in Singapore (although my parents are from England and New Zealand) so I have been there. When I was born I lived in Indonesia for a few months, Malaysia for a few months and then New Zealand for a few months. I have only every been back to Malaysia once but New Zealand many times. Other countries I have been to are; England, France, America, Italy, Greece, Fiji, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China and I think that's it!

7. Describe your style?

My style I guess you could describe as rock/chic/glam. I love girly but edgy clothing. Sort of like Beautycrush if you know her.

8. Splurge on expensive items or find cheaper alternatives?

Find cheaper alternatives! I am defiantly a "beauty on a budget" kind of girl. Say you had $100, you could buy 2 $50 items or 10 $10 items. I would rather have 10 items instead of 2!

9. What are your essential makeup items?

Probably mascara and lipgloss :)

10. Favourite beauty gurus on youtube?

Okay there are many... macbarbie07winterrose84smlx0stillababe09jordy's beauty spotjustsugarandspicebeautybybrittneyxbeautybaby44beautycrushmakeupbyallimeganheartsmakeupmisstango2nguerriero19

Thank you so much if you read this! Message me and we can be friends :) I also tag anyone who wants to do this tag, I just thought it fitted well and shared a little information about me!

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