Thursday, 5 July 2012

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation (Liquid & Powder)

(I hit pan on the powder so please ignore that :P)

This post is a review about the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. Overall I really like this product. It gives you a very nice, natural, flawless finnish without being cakey. I have very oily skin but the way I use it it seems to work very nicely. I don't have a lot of acne either, just redness around my nose area (hello Rudolf!) and discolouration around my face. This is completely covered by this foundation.

This is the liquid foundation, some people dislike pour bottles but I honestly don't mind them. In fact I prefer them over pumps because you get more out of them once they are finished. 

The Product
The product itself is not overly thick which is good as it leaves your skin feeling nice and not looking caked. It was also very easy to find my colour as there are a lot of choices.

How I Apply It
I apply my Maybelline Fit Me liquid foundation with a flat foundation brush and then go over it with my manicure blending sponge. I am planning on buying a flat top foundation brush which is what I would like to use with this foundation but my normal flat brush is working fine for now.

The first bottle of foundation I bought cost me $11.15 because it was on special and I wanted to try it. When I finished it though I realised I loved it so much and went to buy another at full price which was around $18.00

This is the powder. The top part where the foundation is flips up and there is a mirror underneath and also a compartment that comes with a little powder puff. ( I do not use this)

The Product
The powder is quite light and sets the liquid foundation very well. I haven't used the powder with any other foundation but I like the way it works with the Fit Me liquid. It isn't AMAZING but I do like it. I have 2 of these (one in 120 and one in 230 although they aren't too different) but when I finnish them both I don't THINK I will be repurchasing it.

How I Apply It
When I first got this I was using a large fluffy powder brush. But I found it was applying the powder a bit too thick and it was starting to look cakey. I then tried it with a not very dense stippling brush and I really liked it.

Off the top of my head I can remember that the powder was a couple of dollars less than the powder.

I use this foundation (both liquid and powder) almost everyday and I love it. I will defiantly be repurchasing the liquid for a long time :)


  1. I tried the Maybeline Fit Me blush in light pink and it is.. I don't like to say it but it's sh*t :( it has NO colour pay off, WHATSOEVER, really NONE at all! I do not not not recommend it but I'm happy to see that the foundation and powder is good.

    1. Ah thank you for telling me this! I was debating buying this, I am now glad I didn't!

      Sophie xx

  2. I wonder why they sell this without a pump there. Here, in Estonia they sell this foundation with a pump.
    Thank you for your review. :)