Monday, 30 July 2012

Beauty On a Budget: Purple Eye Makeup

Hey everyone :) 
Today I went home from school early so decided to do a makeup look for you all! This is my first time doing a makeup tutorial so I really hope it is ok. If you have any ways in which you think I could improve this post (or advice for my next one!) please leave a comment and tell me!

Also, this makeup tutorial is using all drugstore products so is very affordable!

Step 1:
Apply a light pink or purple all over the lid.

Step 2:
Take a dark purple and put it in the outer part of your eye, blending up to the crease.

Step 3:
Apply a light, shimmery colour to the inner-corner of your eye.

Step 4:
Apply a thin coat of liquid eyeliner to your top lashes. 
Step 5:
Line your water line and tight line with a black liner.

Step 6:
Apply 3-4 coats of your favourite mascara.

Products I used:

-Designer brands eyeshadow quad: $4.95
-Maybelline black eyeliner: $8.50
-Essence multi action mascara: $3.95
(I also used the Rimmel glam eyes for the liquid liner but didn't take a photo of it!)


I wanted to use an almost neutral colour for the lips as the eye makeup is very bright. I used this Savvy by designer brands lipstick in the colour 'pretty in pink' which was $4.95

I hope you all enjoyed this colourful eye makeup look! Please leave a comment and tell me what you think. I will be doing more makeup looks soon, I hope this one was ok for my first go :)


  1. lovely's great that you explained the whole process :)
    From where are you? I read your get to know me and you seem like an interesting person.

    1. Thanks a lot! I'm from Sydney Australia! How about you?

      Sophie xx

  2. Really beautiful, lovely and bright :)

  3. Hey!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! and this look is so pretty as well!


    1. Hey! That's ok, thanks heaps!

      Sophie xx

  4. i think i would add black to make it a pink smokey eye but i like this one looks very natural .. come visit me at i also design blogspots :)

    1. I actually thought of doing that after I had uploaded the post :P

      Thanks, Sophie xx

  5. I really like the colors you used but mostly I like the execution. It is very well explained and helpful! thanks, keep up the good work :)