Thursday, 5 July 2012

Gradient Nails!

So I have been lying in bed for the past few days unable to move became of my ankle! Just briefly I will say that I had to have an operation to pin my bone in place. This has left me extremely bored and that resulted in gradient nails...

I am sure later on I will make a step-by-step post explaining how to do this but there are many simple videos on youtube which explain it. (I will link a couple at the end)
But if you were wondering...

1. Choose your 2 colours. On a sponge, place a strip of one colour (in my case the pink) next to another colour (the blue) and slightly over-lap them. You might have to do 2 or even 3 layers of this because the sponge will soak a lot of the polish up.

2. Apply the sponge over your nail! This can be done by pressing, rolling or dabbing. (If that makes sense :P)

Done!! (You can also do this with as many colours as you would like! Although 2 is the easiest)

Some youtube videos which explain this process well are...

I then felt this simply wasn't enough so added some flowers with a nail dotting tool...

(Excuse the hand position it looks like I'm squeezing an imaginary stress ball....very hard!) 

These flowers were very simple to create and again I am sure later on I will make a post showing how to do them, although the steps are very easy...

1. With a nail dotting tool/ball end of a pin/pen/pencil/tooth pick etc, put 5 dots of polish (I used a hot pink) in a circle for the petals.

2. Once the polish is half dry, (the stage where it is kind of "tacky") place a pin or safety pin in the centre of the dot and pull inwards towards the middle where the 5 dots meet. Repeat with other 4 dots.

3. Then with your nail dotting tool/ball end of pin/pen/pencil/tooth pick etc place a dot in the middle of the 5 others. (I used yellow)

VoilĂ !


  1. This is so cute, honey! I'd love to read more from you. Definitely following your blog! Follow back? (:

    1. Thanks a lot lovely, of course I will follow you!

      Sophie xx