Thursday, 12 July 2012

My Current Empties!

I have been saving up all my "empties" (used up products) for a while now. Once I finnish a product I throw it in my "empties basket". This morning I felt my empties basket was full enough to do a post. I wanted to share with you all how I got on, which products I like and didn't like and which products I will be repurchasing. 

So these are all the products, 13 in total. I thought it was enough to make a post but not too many that I might bore you :P

Skin Care
I will quickly ad, I have also run out of my Bioré Warming Anti-Blackhead Cream cleanser, but I stupidly threw it out. I had repurchased that product I think twice and love it.

Simple Makeup Removing Wipes
The first product I have used up is my make up removing wipes. I have been through so many different brands and these so far have been my favourite. They are just very natural, no dyes, fragrance etc. They are also very 'wet' and remove makeup with ease! I already have repurchased these as they are now a holy grail product for me. 

Bioré Release Steam Activated Cleanser
The next item in skin care is this Bioré face wash. I originally got this because my mum though it looked cool as it says it works with the heat of your shower to open your pores for a deep clean. I do really like this product, it has a cooling sensation and is very nice (I love all Bioré products). I don't think I will repurchase it however as I don't really need it.

Hair Care

Schwarzkopf Deep Nutrition Instant Hair Treatment
The first hair care product is a leave in one. I use this product on my damp hair after I have washed it. I find it has really helped my damaged hair and prevents me from getting even more split ends. It does however sometimes leave my hair with this weird texture which isn't very nice. I think I will look around for some other hair products like this one and if I don't find any that take my fancy I will purchase this one again. 

This product is the Dove heat defence spray. This was my second bottle. I LOVE THIS STUFF! I personally love the smell and it sprays on nicely. I feel it really helps my hair. I would really like to try other heat defence sprays so I might try some others first but if not I will repurchase this one....again.


Maybelline Fit Me Liquid Foundation
This foundation. Is. My life. I have already repurchased it as it is my daily foundation. It is so natural and amazing. It matches me quite well except just a warning; for those with quite pale skin, you might not be able to find a match for you. In mac makeup I am an NC35 (sometimes 30 sometimes 40 depending on how tanned I am) and I find this a teeeeeeeny tiiiiiiiny bit too dark. There is a Fit me in 115 which I will try next but it is pretty much the same colour. It is however, amazing.

BYS Concealer Stick
This concealer does't have an exact name but it is a stick foundation with a sponge on the top. I loved this! It was my perfect colour and it covered everything I wanted it to. I repurchased it and accidentally bought a shade too dark so I can't wear it. Also I think they have changed the formula or something because when I did wear the new one, it made my skin look oily on the spot I had used it. I will buy it again in my right colour and see how it goes. And for $3.95 I can afford to!

The Falsies Mascara
Aaaaah the falsies! This used to be my favourite mascara in the whole world. This one is the original and has been much loved (as you can see by the worn packaging). I do love this mascara but I have since found other ones I like more. So for now, sorry falsies, I won't be buying you again.

Prestige Jet Stream gloss
I had 2 of these lip glosses and can not for the life of me remember where I bought them. I did like them, but because I have no idea where I got them, I probably won't get another one, I am not to fussed though. 

Okay this lipgloss.....I think I can safety say was my favourite gloss, of all time. It was so creamy and he colour was perfect! I also have it in a deep berry colour, but this colour was perfect! I loved it so much and as you can see I scraped almost every last bit out of it. This lipgloss does however retail at around $40 so I am not sure about repurchasing it. I do love it, so maybe I will treat myself ;)

This gloss again I really liked. I got it as a gift and all I can say about it is that the brand is No7. And because you can't get No7 products in Australia I don't think I will bother ordering it from online.

Stay Perfect Nail Colour in 110 Milan
OH. MY. GOD. This nail polish! I don't know what it is, but it is AH-MAZING. The colour, the glitter, the consistency, the fact that it dries in about 10 seconds... This polish has been empty for many months as I just I went through it so quickly (wearing it every day) and I just couldn't bring myself to throw it away. Like the lipgloss above the brand is No7 so I can't buy it here in Australia. But luckily!! My mum is in England at the moment so I gave her the name and colour and am hoping she gets it for me! If not, I am sure I will order it online.


Dettol Healthy Touch Hand Sanitizer...The Pink One Of Course!
 The first is very all it is is hand sanitizer. It is a convenient size to carry around and the liquid itself is (was) pink! Of course I will buy this again.

Revlon Mini Perfume in Pink Happiness
The last product is a mini perfume. I did quite like the scent although I am sure I was drawn to it by the $5 sign :P It is a roller-ball perfume so it is great to throw in your purse for sweet touchups on the go! I will probably repurchase this.

So that is all my current empty products! I can now freely throw them away knowing I have done this. I hope this post was helpful in showing you how I got along with various products and maybe give you some ideas/inspiration!


  1. Great post! It was cool to see what products you buy, and your opinions of them.

    Kendall & Tiana

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    1. Oh yay! I will be sure to make more like this then :) if you have any requests or suggestions feel free to tell me!

      Personally I love the Fit Me foundation. It doesn't turn an orangey colour on me, maybe that is because I set it with a powder? I have combination to oily skin. Around my nose area I get very oily but on my forehead I get very dry. I do like this foundation a lot and it does not seem to oxodize. If you do buy it and find that it does, then try using a good primer underneath.

      Hope that helps!
      Sophie xx

  3. Lovely! I may just think of getting that foundation. I also own the hair treatment and it kinda had a weird texture aswell. I however love the little revlon perfume I think it smells so feminine and girly! Mine was leaking which sucked though :) Great post!


    1. My little Revlon perfume also started leaking which made me very sad! I love the scent so much though so, whatever! :) xx

  4. Shit sorry babe! I thought my other comment didnt send but It did! Sorry for like the friggin overload! lol xx

  5. Love the simple wipes! Awesome blog!
    I just followed,I'd love if you checked out mine and follow back if you like xx

  6. Thanks! Your blog is fab I just checked it out, defiantly followed!
    Sophie xx