Thursday, 13 September 2012

Mascara Mania!

Heeeey Lovelies :)

I am so sorry about my lack of posts, my internet died for a few days and I only just got it back! 

So I am going to show you all the massacres, what I think of them etc, enjoy!

17 Wild Curls Mascarra
First off, yes this mascara is brown, but it honestly comes off black on the lashes. I love it though! I have worn it everyday since I got it (which was about a month ago). It claims to hold a curl for 10 hours, I have never had my mascara on for that long but it holds my curl for as long as I need it!

Essence Multi-Action Mascara
I was initially drawn towards this mascara because of the price....$3.95! And it is absolutely great for the price, it gives me length and volume, I love it!

Maybelline The Falsies- Waterproof
I first bought this mascara a long time ago but in the non-waterproof version. I really really liked it and so when it came into Summer I bought the waterproof version. Since buying it I have used up my non-waterproof version and unfortunately not had a huge opportunity to wear this one. It is very good though and I use it whenever I go swimming etc.

Maybelline One-by-One
This mascara defiantly doesn't get the recognition it deserves, it is really really good and I use it a lot. It lengthens, separates and volumizes my lashes very well. Great mascara right here!

Rimmel Scandal Eyes
This mascara deserves to be thrown out....not because it is bad, because I have used it up completely! I really did like this mascara. It was reasonably priced and gave my lashes a lot of volume, very good mascara.

Mac Mascara from the "To The Beach" Collection
This mascara was limited edition, but don't worry you aren't missing out on much. This mascara was/is very average. I feel it slightly lengthens my lashes but that's about it. The texture is quite strange also; it is a weird gel formula...ugh.

Benefit BADgal Mascara -Plum
I honestly really do not know how I came to own this mascara, it is purple! And for that reason, I have never used it. 

L'Oreal 4D Mascara
Yeh....this is very, VERY old. The writing and everything has been scratched off and it is all dried up. This was a good mascara in its day and I now just use it to occasionally comb through my lashes or for my bottom lashes.

Rimmel Extra Super Lash
The wand for this mascara is very simple, but it is great at lengthening! Like wow! It doesn't do a lot else but seeing I layer my mascaras I do like this one to lengthen and slightly separate my lashes.

 I hope you all enjoyed this post on all my mascaras! I used to have a lot more but I threw them out. I am sorry about the long gap between posts, but once exams are over (in one week yay!) then I will be back to regular posts. Bye for now :)

(I also realised I completely forgot about my Maybelline Colossal mascara! I don't know how! I do already have a review on it if you click here so yeeeh! I love it :))


  1. Loved this! I may just pick up the One by One, New Zealand and AUS prices are absolutley ridiculous though! :\

    1. Oh I know it is crazy! Luckily when I got my One by One it was on special :)

      Sophie xx