Monday, 24 September 2012

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes!

Hey dolls!

So today I thought it was time to clean my brushes, as they were getting real dirty! I try to clean them every 2 or so weeks and I decided this time, to do a post on it! Enjoy :)

Step 1
 You are going to want to find something to clean your brushes with. A gentle body wash is good. I have used QV wash but something like Johnson's baby shampoo is good too. Just anything GENTLE.

Step 2
Squirt a bit of your 'soap' onto your hand and then dip the brush you want to clean into some warm water. Make sure you only get the bristles wet.

Step 3
Swirl the wet brush around in the 'soap' on your hand. Squeeze out the 'soap' and repeat until all the makeup is out of the brush.
(Once you have done this your area should look something like this!)

Step 4
Repeat this process on all your brushes. The process stays the same for all kinds of brushes. (Powder brushes, foundation brushes, eyeshadow brushes, eye liner brushes etc..)

Step 5
Rinse all your brushes individually under warm water until all soap and excess water is gone.

Step 6
With a paper towel, tissue etc, gently squeeze any moisture out of the brush. Repeat on all brushes.

Step 7
Once that is done, you will want to shape your brushes back to their original shape. Do this by moving the bristles around and moulding them to their right place.

Step 8
Set all your freshly clean brushes on a towel to dry overnight and VoilĂ !

I hope this post was helpful and gives you some tips on how to clean your brushes. It is important that you keep all your makeup brushes clean as dirt and bacteria can live in the bristles and applying that to your face can be dirty and cause breakouts. 

Have a nice day everyone! :)

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